Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Assalamualaikum =)

Hye korang ...hee :) lame x update belog nih kan ke pun..:D 
now i'm at malacca revolution is begin..hoho!! ble dah msk new sem nie,kene la ade azam bawu kan ..oh ya,b4 talk about new sem,lets we talk about last sem .
last sem ? ada suka ..ada lebey byk duka drpd suka :( biar lah org lain nak wat kte nie mcm2 pun, jnji kte x sakitkan hati org lain kan ?? :) but now i have my own target for this sem . i hope i can achieve it . pray for me oke :) new semester life house ..ak stay kat AYM for this sem ..oh yeah ! oh yeah ! duk snie byk benefit pun terjamin ..ak duk ngan kak gee, pikot , linda ,alia n ramai agy la ..not bad la umah kat snie .. 1 rumah, 10 bilik, 1 bilik 2 org ..oke la kan :) but the payment bit mahal la ..$740 per sem ..x kesah la ...jnji SELAMAT kn ;D
smlm bwu 1st day class start for 2nd sem ..class separated ngan class last sem ..kte class BM2222D ..ase bahagia sgt duk class nie ..xde nak sakit aty or bengang2 ..

here ade some pict for today :)

 meja study + katil ku =)


* thanx for reading wassalam

Sunday, 27 November 2011

yeay!! dah boleh kaWEn !

holla ..lame dah x update ..padehal bawu 2 minggu x update..hahaha ...act manyak storey morey nak cte nie..huhu..skrg nie ka manyak problem la...sal study la..duet la...kawan la...mcm2 la ..huhuhu...xtau nak mengadu kat sape..hanya pada yg Maha Esa je la...huhuuhu...skrg nie banyak gle group presentation ak..xtau nak mlekan yg mane 1..dateline dah pun dan dekat gak..agy sebulan je ...huhuhu...doakan ak dapat wat yg terbaik k ...insyallah DEKAN in my hand...:)
ouh ya,,,nak cte sumtng nie...ak dah ade SIJIL KURSUS KAWEN!!!!hahahha...*bangge kowt* ..hak2 =D
sabtu ahad ari 2 ak g ..perghhh..bosan gle dengar ceramah 2 ...ak g sne ngan pikot,kak gee ...pikot la beria ajak ak ..xpe la...lambat laun ak nak kene pergi jugak siyes la ak tdo je time ceramah uh..dah la ade 10 modul..1 modul sejam...peerghhhh.....pas nie ak leh la kawen..hahahha ...*berangan* 
k la cukup la 2 ak nak ce..bukannye suke cte panjang2 pun...haha...

thanx 4 reading ..bye bye :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

NyuMm nYUmM ...

Nyummy!as the picture above,we can see the new recipe from me that is Fried Banana with Chocolate Sauce. Before this,we only know about strawberry with chocolate sauce,but today I was made a new recipe. This fried banana not only can eat with chocolate,but with ice-cream also make our taste buds feels awesome! I also provides booking services such as for birthday party,reception or otherwise. But you also can make by your own. It just a simple one. The price for make this dessert is not too expensive. And for the reservation,the price can be negotiate.

Here are the ingredients and the direction how to make it:

1 ½ cups whole wheat pastry flour
pinch sea salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
scant pinch cinnamon                                     
1/4 cup unsweetened, shredded coconut
sparkling water

4-6 ripe bananas, into 1/4-inch thick diagonal slices
avocado or light olive oil, for frying

Chocolate sauce
½-1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
3 tablespoons brown rice syrup or honey
1 teaspoon pure vanilla
1 cup non dairy chocolate

Make the batter by whisking all dry ingredients together. Slowly mix in sparkling water to create a batter the consistency of pancake batter. Cover loosely and set aside.

Prepare the bananas. Place about 1  inches oil in a deep skillet and place over medium heat. When the oil is hot (patterns will form in the oil, knwn as “dancing”), raise heat to high, dip banana slices in batter to coat completely and fry until golden and crispy, turning once to insure even browning. Drain on paper. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet and place fried bananas in a warm oven until all the frying is completed.

While working on the bananas, place all ingredients for chocolate sauce (except chocolate) in a small saucepan and bring to a high boil. Place chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl. Remove from heat, pour over chocolate and whisk until smooth.

To serve, mound fried bananas on individual serving plates and spoon a generous amount of chocolate sauce over top. Serve immediately. Makes 4-6 servings.

For more information,you can contact me on my mail
please make an order or reservation before the reception.


A financier uses the documentation developed by an accountant to make decisions about financial leadership. This degree must provide an understanding of economics -- including its statistical and mathematical bases -- and management, both of risks and of assets. A finance degree often is considered more challenging to complete than an accounting degree because it requires mastery of more aspects of the theoretical foundation of financial systems. The field of finance requires analytical skills as well as an understanding of the financial documents that underlie projections and analyses. An accountant does exactly what the term suggests: account for the finances of a company or individual. An accounting degree centers around mastery of the ebb and flow of money and the ways in which these movements must be documented. From balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements to tax forms and financial disclosures, accounting requires sound preparation in the legitimate use and manipulation of fiscal results. An accounting degree must include knowledge of tax law, auditing standards and general marketplace principles related to multinational companies. A finance degree is designed as preparation for work in banking and investing, financial planning, real estate, management and managerial consulting and government or corporate financial analysis. In addition to finance-specific career opportunities, a finance degree is good preparation for a wide range of corporate positions that demand analytical skills and a broad-based understanding of market forces, be they local, national or global. Insurance companies and real estate firms are among the concerns that look for finance graduates. First and foremost, the accounting degree's intent is to prepare graduates to become Certified Public Accountants and enter the workforce with that credential. CPAs may work on staff at large accounting corporations or as solo practitioners with a roster of small-business clients. They may hold positions in government at the city, state or federal level. They may specialize in taxes or forensics. In all its forms, an accounting career focuses on financial facts and their repercussions, not on the projections that preoccupy the field of finance.

My Comment:
in my opinion,financial and accounting have the similarity but the differences is qualification of accounting is more greater than the finance.

~swEet mEmOrIeS~


MGS is the greatest school at Ipoh. The students at this school are divided into 3 races which is Malay,Indian and Chinese. The unique of this school is all the students are girl. There is no boys in this school. I came on this school on 2005 during Form 1. I choose this school because the language used in this school is in English. During assembly or any announcement are making,the teacher will speak in English. The motto and vision for this school is ‘Our Utmost For The Highest’. I’m very proud to be a student of this school because I can improve my English as well. There are many experiences during school time. I have participated in many societies,competition and many more. This can improve my confident level to be infront of challenges. The most important is I love to buy the food at canteen. This is because the food is so cheap and delicious. There are 14 stalls sell differences types of food such as laksa,nasi lemak,mee soup and many more. I really miss the moment at this school so much! I love MGS!


On 10th may 2010, I was registered as one of the student at KMP. Actually I’m very shocked because was offer to continue my study at one of the matriculation college at this country. I’m too scared because this is the first time I have to stay at the hostel and learn how to be a matriculation students. Matriculation level is the fast way level before enter the university because it only  takes one year. The course are divided into three which are accounting,biology and physics. At kmp, there a lot of sweet memories. On the 1st semester, I have participated a lot of activities such as competition was organize by ‘kemahiran dinamika ‘ unit. My group choose the title of our act is ‘perjalanan hidup seorang remaja’. We were practiced almost one month before the competition and we were won the competition in 1st place. Besides,at KMP also have a flower season on every February every year. It looks so beautiful. I love my roommate so much. They come with different states which is Kelantan,Terengganu,Penang and also Perak. We always share our problems and study together until late night. I have a good friend name Nur Syuhada Rosli. She is a kind and very sporting person. She always teach me in which subject I’m not good it. I love KMP so much! I always remember the sweet memories at KmP J

for more information,you can link to this site:


The English we learn and use in Malaysia is not Queen's English, or Received Pronunciation.
Only three per cent of the world's population speak or use it. The rest are varieties of English.
At macro level, what we are speaking here is new English; at micro-level, Malaysian English.
New or world English, to cite a few examples, are American English, Malaysian English, Singlish and Bruneian English.
Braj Kachru, a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, the United States, said English could be understood in an expanding three concentric-circle model. The inner circle is the English spoken by native speakers from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
In the second expanding circle, there is English spoken by former English colonies, while the outermost circle refers to the English used by nations that take English as a foreign language.
In Malaysia, British English was used at institutional and administrative levels. But, now, only a few, or none, speak Queen's English.
Regional elements ought to be tolerated and understood in this variety. In this vein, structures like "I already pay him" rather than "I have paid him" are understood and accepted.
The argument is, what model should we adopt? I suggest the more tangible model, which is Malaysian English, and use it in our own way, but intelligible in terms of syntax and pronunciation to foreign users.

my comment :
As we know that English is an international language, which is spoken by a majority of population in the world. So you do not have to worry about being totally misunderstood when you visit a new place or country.Most of the books and instructions are written in English. Almost the subject such as Science, Math, History, Geography and others are all taught in English. Learning will be much easier if you know how to speak it. Besides,communication also important.More than a billion people around the world speak English language. Most of the international conferences, seminars and trainings are in English. The language is considered to be an international medium of communication.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

4 days 3 nights!

Last semester break, my family and I were went to Indonesia for holiday. We went there for 4 days and 3 nights.  As we know, Indonesia is a big country and have millions population such as west Indonesia, East Indonesia, Jawa and many more. But for this trip, we choose to go to Jakarta and Bandung. At 1.00pm , we went to Jakarta by aeroplane which is Garuda Indonesia. It Is nice plane and the stewardess were attendance us with good job. After arrive at Jakarta airport, we were welcome with our tourist guide from Indonesia which is his name is Mas Adi. He is very kind person and he was guide us for this trip. He introduce a little bit about history of Jakarta and about the people stayed at that city. There are so many people so many people stayed at Jakarta including muslim and non-muslim. We were checked-in at 4 stars hotel which is name is Hote Bintang, Jakarta for a night. The hotel so beautiful and suitable for tourist from another country. On the next day, our journey have started. We check-out after we having our breakfast. We were continued our journey go to Puncak Bandung. Puncak is a nice place which is similar to Cameron Highland. The environment very peaceful, cold and comfortable to stay. At there also have the tea tree same as at Cameron Highland. We went to Safari Zoo which is the animals are free to go anywhere on that area. We also can give the animals food so that they can come to us and eat the food. We also saw lions and tigers nearly to us. I’m very shocked because the lion was fighting with another lion. Bu we have not to worry because we were inside the bus. After 1 hour, we were having lunch at restaurant. We were ate nasi padang which is most popular at Indonesia. It is so delicious and I still remember the fried chicken is so cruppy. Nyummy! After having our lunch, we were check-in at one of the local hotel at Puncak. We were stayed at there for a night. During at night,we did a lot of things such as having our dinner,karaoke,dance and many more. On the next day,we were went to the city of Bandung. At there sell a lot of things such as food,clothes,and many more. I bought something for my friends as sourvenir. The last place we visited before we came back to our hometown,we visited at one of the famous place at Bandung which is Tangkuban Parahu. Tangkuban Parahu is the place which is one of the place where the volcano is exploded. It is nice place to visited. I took some of the picture at there and I feel so happy because I give a chance to go there. In my opinion,Indonesia is the nice place to visited. I hope I can go there again by next time. Insyallah J

Here some pictures i had taken during at Indonesia :)



on the top!

welcome to Jakarta Indonesia ..

our tour guide Mr Adi

buy 1 free 4..hehe :D

during breakfast at Bintang Hotel Jakarta

at tradisional house
with the people at Indonesia