Wednesday, 9 November 2011

4 days 3 nights!

Last semester break, my family and I were went to Indonesia for holiday. We went there for 4 days and 3 nights.  As we know, Indonesia is a big country and have millions population such as west Indonesia, East Indonesia, Jawa and many more. But for this trip, we choose to go to Jakarta and Bandung. At 1.00pm , we went to Jakarta by aeroplane which is Garuda Indonesia. It Is nice plane and the stewardess were attendance us with good job. After arrive at Jakarta airport, we were welcome with our tourist guide from Indonesia which is his name is Mas Adi. He is very kind person and he was guide us for this trip. He introduce a little bit about history of Jakarta and about the people stayed at that city. There are so many people so many people stayed at Jakarta including muslim and non-muslim. We were checked-in at 4 stars hotel which is name is Hote Bintang, Jakarta for a night. The hotel so beautiful and suitable for tourist from another country. On the next day, our journey have started. We check-out after we having our breakfast. We were continued our journey go to Puncak Bandung. Puncak is a nice place which is similar to Cameron Highland. The environment very peaceful, cold and comfortable to stay. At there also have the tea tree same as at Cameron Highland. We went to Safari Zoo which is the animals are free to go anywhere on that area. We also can give the animals food so that they can come to us and eat the food. We also saw lions and tigers nearly to us. I’m very shocked because the lion was fighting with another lion. Bu we have not to worry because we were inside the bus. After 1 hour, we were having lunch at restaurant. We were ate nasi padang which is most popular at Indonesia. It is so delicious and I still remember the fried chicken is so cruppy. Nyummy! After having our lunch, we were check-in at one of the local hotel at Puncak. We were stayed at there for a night. During at night,we did a lot of things such as having our dinner,karaoke,dance and many more. On the next day,we were went to the city of Bandung. At there sell a lot of things such as food,clothes,and many more. I bought something for my friends as sourvenir. The last place we visited before we came back to our hometown,we visited at one of the famous place at Bandung which is Tangkuban Parahu. Tangkuban Parahu is the place which is one of the place where the volcano is exploded. It is nice place to visited. I took some of the picture at there and I feel so happy because I give a chance to go there. In my opinion,Indonesia is the nice place to visited. I hope I can go there again by next time. Insyallah J

Here some pictures i had taken during at Indonesia :)



on the top!

welcome to Jakarta Indonesia ..

our tour guide Mr Adi

buy 1 free 4..hehe :D

during breakfast at Bintang Hotel Jakarta

at tradisional house
with the people at Indonesia