Sunday, 13 November 2011

~swEet mEmOrIeS~


MGS is the greatest school at Ipoh. The students at this school are divided into 3 races which is Malay,Indian and Chinese. The unique of this school is all the students are girl. There is no boys in this school. I came on this school on 2005 during Form 1. I choose this school because the language used in this school is in English. During assembly or any announcement are making,the teacher will speak in English. The motto and vision for this school is ‘Our Utmost For The Highest’. I’m very proud to be a student of this school because I can improve my English as well. There are many experiences during school time. I have participated in many societies,competition and many more. This can improve my confident level to be infront of challenges. The most important is I love to buy the food at canteen. This is because the food is so cheap and delicious. There are 14 stalls sell differences types of food such as laksa,nasi lemak,mee soup and many more. I really miss the moment at this school so much! I love MGS!


On 10th may 2010, I was registered as one of the student at KMP. Actually I’m very shocked because was offer to continue my study at one of the matriculation college at this country. I’m too scared because this is the first time I have to stay at the hostel and learn how to be a matriculation students. Matriculation level is the fast way level before enter the university because it only  takes one year. The course are divided into three which are accounting,biology and physics. At kmp, there a lot of sweet memories. On the 1st semester, I have participated a lot of activities such as competition was organize by ‘kemahiran dinamika ‘ unit. My group choose the title of our act is ‘perjalanan hidup seorang remaja’. We were practiced almost one month before the competition and we were won the competition in 1st place. Besides,at KMP also have a flower season on every February every year. It looks so beautiful. I love my roommate so much. They come with different states which is Kelantan,Terengganu,Penang and also Perak. We always share our problems and study together until late night. I have a good friend name Nur Syuhada Rosli. She is a kind and very sporting person. She always teach me in which subject I’m not good it. I love KMP so much! I always remember the sweet memories at KmP J

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